Top 7 Animals Most People Are Scared Of


Despite their enormous size and lack of sense of direction, hippos are frequently regarded as Africa's most hazardous mammal.

Box Jellyfish

Tentacles on their namesake cubic frames can reach lengths of up to 15 feet.

Cone Snail

They are among the most dangerous kinds of snails because of their hidden, harpoon-like "teeth," which are actually sophisticated venom known as a conotoxin (yes, there are other deadly snails).

Golden Poison Dart Frog

A wide variety of vividly coloured frogs are known as poison darts, but only a few species pose a serious threat to people.

Cape Buffalo

About 900,000 cape buffalo live in the wild today. They are generally peaceful animals when left alone, and they prefer to move in large groups to graze in the early morning and late afternoon or to congregate at drinking holes.

Indian Saw-Scaled Viper

Although many snake species are capable of killing a human with their venom, not all of them adopt the multilayered strategy of the Indian saw-scaled viper.


Blowfish, another name for pufferfish, are found worldwide in tropical waters.