Toho Announces ‘My Hero Academia’ Sequel U.S. Release At Anime Expo 2024

My Hero Academia

Toho confirms the release of "My Hero Academia: You’re Next" in both subtitled and dubbed versions in the US.

Director and Screenwriter Details

Directed by Tensai Okamura and written by Yōsuke Kuroda, the film features voices of Daiki Yamashita and Mamoru Miyano.

Synopsis of My Hero Academia

Follow the journey of a young man gaining superpowers in a world of heroes, attending a prestigious superhero high school.

Toho's US Market Strategy

After Godzilla's success, Toho aims to penetrate the US market with another blockbuster anime franchise.

Impact of Covid-era Streaming

Lockdowns boosted anime's popularity in the West, paving the way for increased viewership of series like My Hero Academia.

Evolution from Manga to Anime

Starting as a manga in 2014, My Hero Academia grew into a multi-season anime series and successful film franchise.

Box Office Success

Previous films grossed over $120 million worldwide, setting the stage for "You’re Next" to expand its global footprint.

Enhanced International Promotion

Toho International ramps up distribution and marketing efforts to elevate My Hero Academia's profile globally.

Availability and Fanbase

With wide streaming availability and a strong fanbase, the series is poised for even greater success in North America.

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