The 8 Greatest Basketball Players  All Time

Despite his impressive stats and iconic sky hook, Abdul-Jabbar is ranked 10th on this list due to factors like playing alongside exceptional point guards and his lengthy career.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Known as "The Big Fundamental," Duncan's sound playing style led to four championships and numerous accolades, despite his quiet demeanor.

Tim Duncan

Shaq's dominance in the paint, fueled by his size and agility, made him a formidable force, though his free-throw shooting was often criticized.

Shaquille O'Neal

Bird's confidence, quick release, and fierce competitiveness earned him three championships and solidified his place in NBA history.

Larry Bird

As a fierce defender and rebounder, Russell's impact on the Celtics' winning legacy is undeniable, despite playing in an era with fewer teams.

Bill Russell

Known as "The Big O," Robertson's triple-double average during the 1961 62 season and his role in pioneering free agency mark him as one of the greatest players ever.

Oscar Robertson

Chamberlain's scoring records and dominance in rebounds and minutes played earn him a spot in the top five, despite playing in a different era.

Wilt Chamberlain

Johnson's charisma, passing ability, and versatility helped popularize the NBA during the 1980s, leading to five championships with the Lakers.

Magic Johnson