North America's Natural Treasures: 8 Remarkable Animals

Canada Lynx

The Canada Lynx, named for its characteristic long and dense fur, is a successful predator in the boreal forests of Canada and some areas of the United States.

Gila Monster

With its eye-catching orange and black stripes, the Gila Monster—the largest living lizard in the United States and its sole venomous counterpart—is easy to see.


A member of the raccoon family, the Ringtail can be found all the way south to Oaxaca, Mexico, and from Louisiana to California.

Thick-billed Parrot

The red-and-green Thick-billed Parrot, which was formerly native to the United States, is now restricted to Mexico.

Arctic Wolf

The Arctic Wolf is a subspecies of the grey wolf that has adapted to the severe environment of the High Arctic.

American Beaver

The largest rodent in North America, the American Beaver, is renowned for its capacity to significantly modify its environment.

Alligator Snapping Turtle

The largest freshwater turtle in North America, the alligator snapping turtle, is renowned for its sharp teeth and spiky shell.


Large herds of the American Bison, the biggest terrestrial mammal in North America, used to roam the continent.