How to part your hair according to your face shape

Best part for a round face

Kérastase hairdresser Matt Fugate recommends curtain fringe to extend your face. Center-parted fringe angle down towards your jawline.

Best part for round with textured hair

If you want to utilise hair to narrow your face, avoid having too many layers in a middle part. Those layers will increase volume, not length.

Best part for an oval face

Fugate suggests oval-faced women attempt challenging styles like slicking a ponytail down to disguise a part or blunt bangs.

Best part for a heart-shaped face

A centre part emphasises your midface and harshens a sharp chin. Your features may be balanced by bringing your portion to the side.

Best part for heart-shape with textured hair

Sometimes parting hair is better without a part. Sims recommends a no-part pixie to control curls in natural or Afro-textured hair, but let it morph over time.

Best part for a square face

Fugate advises keeping hair around a square face light and wispy since middle sections and harsh fringe accentuate a strong jawline. Day recommends a deep or subtle side part to lighten the style.