9 Wardrobe Mistakes People Make That Make Them Look Cheap

How often have you seen someone's great clothing and bought something similar without considering if it fits?

Shopping for someone else

Annabel advises looking for anything that moves, hangs, and doesn't scrunch when touched. If the fabric is light, forget it.

Wearing cheap fabrics

Annabel recommends to choose trend accents you like and incorporate them into your excellent fundamentals wardrobe.

Trying to be too obviously on trend

Even though trends change, many shops keep to their own style, so selecting one that matches yours is a terrific way to always look good.

Visiting every shop on the high street

To balance an outfit, use a tight-fitting top for a volume-filled bottom and vice versa.

Not thinking about proportions

Too many individuals assume dressing good as we get older implies hiding all our flaws , resulting in baggy, shapeless ensembles that don't compliment them.

Trying to disguise yourself

I can t underline enough the importance of wearing the appropriate underwear, adds Annabel. She says a healthy physical framework under your garments improves your outfits.

Wearing the wrong underwear

Delicate patterns are too girlie to wear as you mature because they age you. Instead, follow the Italians and use vibrant colors or striking designs.

Being shy with pattern

The goods you instinctively adore make you look your best, and everything else will wind up at the back of your wardrobe.

Go with your gut instinct