9 Rare Dog Breeds You Might Not Know About

Lagotto Romagnolo

A curly-haired Italian breed, known as "water dogs" or "truffle dogs" due to their truffle-hunting skills. They are friendly companions and the only purebred recognized for truffle searching.


Nicknamed the "Arabian Greyhound," these dogs are fast and were originally bred for hunting in North Africa. They are reserved but form strong bonds with their owners.

Kai Ken

A striking Japanese breed called "Tora Dog" for its tiger-like appearance. Athletic and intelligent, they are rare and protected as a national treasure in Japan.

Australian Kelpie

Excellent at herding, especially sheep, they are outgoing and require lots of exercise and mental stimulation. Best suited for experienced owners.

Bavarian Mountain Scent Hound

Known for superior tracking abilities, they are calm and devoted to their families. They require space and an experienced owner.

Estrela Mountain Dog

One of Portugal's oldest breeds, they are large and make great protectors and playmates. They have warm personalities and are rare.

Thai Ridgeback

Loyalty and protection are their traits, with a history of keeping cobras away from humans. They are independent and not recommended for first-time owners.

Norwegian Lundehund

Originally puffin hunters, they are now loyal family dogs with unique physical features. They require activities to expend their energy.

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Their distinctive flocks of hair make them look like mops, but they are low-shedding and easy to maintain. They are calm, watchful guardians.