9 Living Room Color Schemes for a Beautiful, Livable Space

Olive Green, Cream, and Black

This color scheme creates a soothing ambiance with subtle organic undertones. Creamy white walls provide a serene backdrop while shades of green and hints of black add sophistication and depth.

Crisp White + Black + Gold

A modern and sleek living room is achieved with a palette dominated by crisp white, accented by bold black elements and touches of luxurious gold. This color scheme exudes sophistication and elegance, perfect for those who appreciate minimalist yet opulent design.

Burnt Orange + Grassy Green + Pastels

Vibrant and eclectic, this living room bursts with energy through the combination of burnt orange and grassy green, complemented by an array of playful pastels. The mix of colors creates a cheerful and dynamic space filled with personality and charm.

Off-White + Navy + Wood Tones

Sophisticated and timeless, this color scheme features variations of cream and navy blue, enhanced by warm wood accents throughout the room. The result is a refined yet inviting space, where neutral tones are elevated by rich textures

Turquoise + Cool Gray + Brights

Inspired by coastal living, this living room combines tranquil turquoise with cool gray and pops of bright colors like hot pink and yellow. The playful yet sophisticated palette evokes a sense of seaside relaxation

Citron Green + Dusty Rose + Charcoal

Moody and vibrant, this color scheme pairs lively citron green with dusty rose against a backdrop of dark charcoal walls. The result is a dramatic yet cozy atmosphere, where bold colors are balanced by softer hues and playful patterns.

Cloudy Gray + Mustard + Linen

Bridging the gap between traditional and rustic styles, this color scheme features muted neutrals like cloudy gray and linen, accented by warm mustard yellow tones. The timeless aesthetic is enhanced by rustic details like a buffalo check ottoman

Tangerine + Cornflower + Shades of White

Bright and refreshing, this living room color scheme combines vibrant tangerine and cool cornflower blue against a backdrop of crisp white. The result is a lively yet balanced space, where bold colors are tempered by the simplicity of white

Cottage White + Taupe + Goldenrod

With soaring ceilings and airy shades of white, this living room exudes grandeur and elegance. Warm taupe and goldenrod accents add depth and warmth to the neutral palette, creating a luxurious yet inviting space that feels both timeless and sophisticated.