9 Easy Ways to Make Your Nail Polish Dry Faster

Ice Water Bath

After applying nail polish, dip your fingertips into a bowl of ice water for a few minutes. The cold temperature helps to solidify the polish and speed up drying time.

Quick-Dry Drops or Spray

Use quick-dry drops or spray specifically designed for nail polish. Apply a few drops or spritz onto each nail after painting to accelerate the drying process.

Thin Layers

Apply thin layers of nail polish instead of thick coats. Thin layers dry faster and more evenly, reducing the overall drying time.

Fan or Blow Dryer

Use a fan or blow dryer on the cool setting to gently blow air over your nails. The airflow helps to evaporate the solvents in the polish, speeding up drying time.


If you have gel nail polish, use a UV or LED lamp to cure the polish quickly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for optimal drying time.

Cooking Spray

Lightly spray cooking oil or non-stick cooking spray over freshly painted nails. The oil forms a thin barrier that helps the polish dry faster.

Top Coat

Apply a quick-dry top coat over your nail polish to seal and protect the color while also accelerating the drying process.

Alcohol Spray

Mist rubbing alcohol or hairspray over your nails to help set the polish and speed up drying time. Hold the bottle a few inches away from your nails and spray lightly.

Wait Between Coats

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