9 Best Small Bathroom Ideas to Maximize Space and Style

Enlist Portable Storage

A vintage stool was chosen for the bathroom instead of traditional storage furniture, allowing towels to stay off the floor without cluttering the space.

Let Light In

In a floating home renovated, a glass-paneled door mimics a ship's porthole, bringing more light into the small space while adding a nautical touch.

Mirror the Entire Wall

A floor-to-ceiling wall mirror was installed in the bathroom to create an optical illusion of a larger space and reflect light throughout.

Install Sconces on the Mirror

Traditional sconces were mounted on mirrors in a small bathroom to direct light effectively, opting for multiple mirrors with beveled edges to fit the space and budget.

Go for Pearly White

A small bathroom was designed drenched in white, including varying white marble tiles, a white ceiling, and off-white window shades, along with glass shower doors

Use Furniture for Counter Space

A small cabinet was placed next to the sink to compensate for the lack of counter space, utilizing a wide mirror to reflect light and enlarge the space.

Source Vintage Statement Pieces

Small vintage pieces, like a delicate vintage sconce and curved mirrors, were incorporated in the bathroom for a romantic touch.

Put a Skirt on the Vanity

A skirted vanity with a matching chair was added to bring a garden touch to the bathroom, cleverly hiding essential toiletries while maximizing space.

Select Translucent Shades

Translucent rattan shades were chosen for privacy without sacrificing light in the bathroom, adding texture and warmth to the space.