8 Totally Awesome Mullet Fade Haircuts For 2024

Classic Mullet Hairstyle

This updated mullet haircut maintains its retro charm with fresh texture and tapering, ideal for oval, round, and square faces with straight to wavy hair.

Faded Mullet Style Haircuts

Combining short sides blending into a longer back, this modern mullet offers a sleek appearance suitable for oval and square faces, styled with matte pomade

Textured Mullet Hairstyle

Adding depth with layers and texture enhancements, this rugged mullet variation suits oval and heart-shaped faces with wavy to curly hair, ideal for casual events

Undercut Mullet Hairstyle

Showcasing bold contrast between short sides and a longer back, this mullet emphasizes disconnection for a sharp look, best for oval and heart-shaped faces

Curly Mullet Hairstyle

Embrace curls with this dynamic variation, suitable for oval and heart-shaped faces with curly hair, perfect for casual events or music festivals and styled with curl cream

Shaggy Mullet Hairstyle

Incorporating tousled layers for a laid-back vibe, this mullet suits oval and square faces with wavy or curly hair, ideal for casual occasions or concerts, styled with sea salt spray

The Skullet

Adapted for balding men, this bold style keeps sides and top short while leaving the back long, great for oval and rectangular faces with thin or receding hair, suitable for informal gatherings

Wolf Cut Mullet

Featuring heavy layers for volume and movement, this wild version suits various face shapes and any hair type, offering a textured take on the traditional mullet haircut.