8 Things That Change When You Finally Date A Real Man

He Always Offers To Pay, But Still Lets You Pay, Too

Adult men know adult women don't need to be taken care of, and we enjoy paying the bill. Man-children will feel like they need to prove they're the boss and can support you, but they won't understand why you value your contributions.

He Isn’t Afraid To Acknowledge That You’re Together —In Fact, He’s Proud.

If you date a mature man, he won't mind calling you his girlfriend since he doesn't care what others think. He will also be less concerned with “time” and speed. He values what seems correct.

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He Doesn’t Hesitate To Tell You When He Doesn’t Want A Relationship.

We often lament that males should be more honest about their intentions, which is sad. He will be when you date him. Honesty is different from excuses like “doesn't have time” for a relationship. 

He’s Upfront About His Baggage.

Guys have exes and perhaps children because they've lived before you. If he tells you, he's a guy; if he conceals it until you see a plush My Little Pony at his house, run away.

He Has A Healthy Fear Of Your Family But Doesn’t Avoid Them.

Smart guys recognize that a woman's family is important (albeit often bothersome and difficult). He understands he must care for his connection with them and not shun them. However, a guy will avoid them out of fear, making it difficult for you.

He Respects You.

Only a real guy will offer you this. You should show him respect whether you're dating or marrying him. A guy respects both circumstances, but a boy may regard a hook-up like an easy lady and conserve respect for a genuine relationship. No thanks.

He Wouldn’t Think Of Ghosting.

Real men don't ghost. He realizes that every relationship has a danger of ending, and as an adult, he must manage it. NO REAL MAN GHOSTS.