8 Reasons Why This Is The Most Visited National Park In The U.S.

Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the USA

Trailblazing One reason we adore Yellowstone is that it was the first US national park and spawned a global movement.

Yellowstone is enormous

Yellowstone dominates in size. One of the largest and best national parks in the US, Yellowstone covers about 2.2 million acres or 3,500 square miles.

Yellowstone is a hot spring paradise

Yellowstone is the best national park because it has half of the world's hydrothermal features, including over 10,000 active ones. 

Yellowstone is full of remarkable wildlife

Grizzly and black bears, bison, moose, elk, wolves, bighorn sheep, and mule deer have been preserved in America's first national park.

Yellowstone has hundreds of waterfalls

Forget TLC's advice against chasing waterfalls. This waterfall paradise has hundreds of waterfalls in Yellowstone.

The scenic beauty is unparalleled

As the best US national park, you must have stunning scenery. Yellowstone has stunning wilderness scenery.

Yellowstone has a rich cultural heritage

It goes beyond wildlife and nature. Yellowstone has a rich cultural history.

Yellowstone is a world-class act in conservation

Yellowstone is the best US national park, and we must preserve it. The park persistently strengthens the ecosystem, protects wildlife, and honours Indigenous protectors.