8 Plants that Do Well in Sandy Soil


Thyme, native to southern Europe and northern Africa, thrives in dry, rocky, or sandy soil conditions and produces tasty leaves even during drought or frost.

English Lavender:

English lavender, belonging to the mint family, grows easily in sandy soil, offering a wonderful scent and bushy growth habit suitable for border and rock gardens.


Rosemary, a fragrant herb, tolerates various soil types including sandy soil, and can reach up to 8 feet tall in ideal conditions while being low-maintenance.


The daylily flower is a drought-tolerant and frost-resistant perennial that prefers full sun and well-draining soil, making it easy to grow and care for.


Watermelon vines thrive in sandy loam soil, producing fruit that can be eaten raw or cooked, and requiring full sun for optimal growth.


Zucchini, a versatile plant, grows well in sandy or loamy soil with high organic matter content, producing fruit similar to pumpkins but with distinct features.

Garden Catmint:

Garden catmint, a clump-forming perennial, prefers sandy soil with low water retention, showcasing fragrant leaves and purple flowers in spring, summer, and fall.

Western Sword Fern:

The western sword fern, native to the United States, is a large plant that thrives in sandy soil and various lighting conditions, making it suitable for tropical and poolside gardens.