8 Perennial Plants to Make Your Garden Shine Year After Year


In late fall, asters shine in lavender, blue, pink, and purple, attracting pollinators and surviving light frost. They thrive in full sun.

Black Eyed Susan

Radiant yellow blooms adorn this plant from mid-summer to fall. Some varieties reseed, offering more free plants over time. Full sun is ideal.


A must-have for shade gardens, astilbe offers feathery plumes in various colors, attracting butterflies.

Roman Chamomile

The Roman chamomile plant is not only used for tea, but it is also a low-growing perennial that thrives in full sun.


Symbolizing fall, mums are perennial if planted early in the season, offering various colors for your garden.


Drought-tolerant and blooming in mid to late summer, salvia's spiky flowers attract hummingbirds, thriving in full sun.


Winter blooms are possible with hellebores, also known as Lenten roses, thriving in shade.


Trumpet-shaped flowers attract hummingbirds, with some species native to North America. Give it part shade.