8 Animals That Are Resistant to Venom

Mongooses, one of the most venom-resistant animals, are fierce snake fighters. Mongooses' cholinergic receptors make them snake-resistant. Due to the protein that modifies venom, they may behave normally after a snake bite.


Honey Badgers are bold and determined. They are known to resist several snake venoms. This cute animal's blood protein makes it less sensitive to venom poisons.

Honey Badger

You may believe opossums playing dead in your garden are a nuisance. Did you know these species are resistant to most snake venoms? Opossums' blood proteins neutralise poisons, including rattlesnake and cottonmouth venom.


Who would have thought that a squirrel could not be hurt by poison? The poison from rattlesnakes doesn't hurt some types of ground squirrels very much, especially the species that lives in California.

Ground Squirrel

Did you know these lovely, spiky animals are venom-resistant? Due to proteins that neutralise venom, hedgehogs may consume scorpions and other insects without hesitation.


The Horned Lizard possesses a defence system that outperforms most other animals against poisonous predators. This spiky little fella raises its eye blood pressure when afraid or threatened.

Horned Lizard

Our venom-resistant staff includes lovely Sea Anemone. These cute sea creatures may not be animals, but they fulfil the bill and do it with style. Interestingly, they contain poison.

Sea Anemone

Natural wonders like the Boxer Crab never fail to amaze! The pom-pom crab, also known as the cheerleader crab, avoided deadly predators with a clever strategy. Its claws may seem like its only defence.

Boxer Crab