7 Valuable Things To Look For At Goodwill

Vintage Clothing: Look for well-preserved vintage pieces from popular eras like the 1960s, 70s, or 80s. Unique designs and quality materials can fetch a good price.

Collectible Books: First editions, signed copies, or books on niche topics can be valuable finds. Check for rare or sought-after titles.

Designer Labels: Keep an eye out for high-end clothing, shoes, and accessories. Brands like Gucci, Chanel, or Prada can sometimes be found at a fraction of the original cost.

Quality Furniture: Solid wood furniture pieces, especially mid-century modern styles, can be worth much more than their Goodwill price tag.

Antique Decor: Unique, well-crafted home decor items such as vases, lamps, or mirrors can add character to your home and hold significant value.

Collectible Toys: Vintage toys, especially from popular franchises like Star Wars or Barbie, can be highly sought after by collectors.

Electronics in Working Condition: Items like vintage gaming consoles, record players, or cameras, if they are in good working order, can be valuable to collectors and enthusiasts.