7 Things Your Parents Had in Their House That You Never See Today

Shag Carpeting: Not so long ago, the contemporary home's flooring were covered with this very hairy carpet in every room. The latest style in interior design used colors ranging from lime green to brilliant yellow to rust.

Answering Machines: Answering machines existed before texting and voicemails. Did your family record an embarrassing departing message that made you cringe? Do you recall hearing that beeping sound as soon as you walked through the door?

Retro TVs: In the modern world, the expression "watching the tube" has somewhat lost its meaning. The large, heavy TVs with the actual tube inside are a thing of the past thanks to the abundance of flat-screen models.

Sunken Living Rooms: Although the reason for the popularity of subterranean living rooms in the 1970s is unclear, they are definitely less common these days. How many times as you were walking out did you trip over the step?

Hand Mixers: Hand mixing in the kitchen is almost completely obsolete with today's KitchenAid gadgets. However, it's likely that you used one when you were younger and baking cookies.

Fax Machines: Alright, so although some people still use them, fax machines are becoming less common in households. They created such a commotion that it was audible from across the house that it was getting a fax.

Videotapes: Do you recall being in awe of your collection of Disney videotapes? The days of "Be Kind, Rewind" were long gone, but there could still be a couple sitting around in your mom's basement.