7 Front Yard Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Relax in this Asian-inspired garden. Hardscape features enhance garden design and save upkeep. This garden's Asian inspirations are highlighted by a modest wooden fence with a simple top.

Meditative Oasis

Shrubs and trees combine for striking, expansive back or front yard landscaping. A smattering of river rock provides an informal but distinct edging between the garden bed and lawn.

Grand and Graceful

This front yard landscaping hides its low maintenance with vibrant hues. Japanese forest grass is a reliable low-care front yard landscaping plant. They have beautiful foliage, need little care, and can tolerate severe weather.

Brilliant Canvas

This corner front yard garden has easy-care plants and trees. Larger plants and trees take up more garden area, reducing the number of plants required. A white pine dominating a wooden fence.

A Little Nook in the Woods

A small front yard flower bed is decorated with a pleasing mix of perennials and annuals. No-maintenance gardens don't have to be uninteresting.

Bountiful Bed

A relaxing front yard landscaping nook uses low-key decor. This gravel walk's curved border shows how hardscape materials may complement plant lines and forms.

The Grass Is Greener

The front yard landscaping with grass may appear easier than adding attractive plants, but this gorgeous yard shows differently. Select sturdy plants like these sidewalk daylilies that can tolerate heavy traffic.

Beyond the Garden Gate