10 Things Every Southern Dining Room Should Have

Heirloom Pieces:

Incorporating family heirlooms like sterling silver serving pieces and china adds a personal touch and a sense of history to the dining room, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Fresh Flowers:

Keeping fresh flowers or branches in the dining room enlivens the space and keeps it ready for hosting, adding natural beauty and fragrance to the ambiance.

A Sideboard:

Providing additional storage and serving space, a sideboard or buffet is essential for storing linens, good silver, and setting up holiday buffet displays.

Good Linens:

Essential for formal dining, crisp white linen tablecloths and matching napkins add elegance and sophistication to the Southern dining tradition.


Lit candles in elegant candelabras elevate the ambiance of the dining room, adding warmth and depth, especially when mixed with antique silver pieces.


Beautiful wallpaper creates a festive and transportive experience for dinner guests, whether it's a scenic mural or an all-over pattern that sets the scene for a memorable dining experience.

Lighting on a Dimmer:

Adjusting lighting levels from well-lit brunches to moody, dimly lit dinner parties sets the right mood for any occasion, with chandeliers and lamps offering versatility in illumination.

Traditional Furniture:

Incorporating traditional styles like Queen Anne, Chippendale, or Shaker in solid wood dining tables and chairs anchors the room with timeless elegance.

Layers of Pattern:

Embracing patterns and textures in upholstery, window treatments, and wallcoverings adds personality and creates a cozy, inviting environment for guests.

Personalized Artwork:

Displaying passed-down family pieces or conversation-inducing artwork adds a modern touch to the traditional elements of the dining room, sparking interesting conversations among guests.